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Creamy scrambled eggs

Perfect scrambled eggs, every time!


Serves one

  • 2 eggs

  • 1/4 cup milk (in this recipe I have used dairy, however any milk will work)

  • 1 teaspoon of butter, or preferred oil

  • Small handful of chopped parsley

  • Small handful of chopped chives (optional)

  • Salt & pepper

Served with (in picture) toasted english muffins with Philadelphia cheese and sliced avocado.

There are two fundamental steps to ensure perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs in my opinion.

  1. Using low-medium heat... low heat avoid drying out eggs.

  2. Season with parsley, salt and pepper after scrambling eggs... increases flavour of herbs used.


Note: for best results use a silicon spatular or flat based wooden spoon.

  • Heat pan on medium-low heat.

  • Crack eggs into a bowl, add milk and whisk to blend well.

  • All butter/oil to pan and coat base well.

  • Add egg mixture. Just as the edges start to set, slowly swipe spatular around edges, folding egg over itself. Do not go crazy and scramble during cooking. This method will give you light soft folds of eggs. See video for demo.

  • Take off heat when it looks 80% cooked through... it will continue to cook after removing.

  • Season with salt, pepper and parsley. Personally I love a lot of herbs and only lightly chopped... add to your preference.

  • Serve and enjoy immediately.


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