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Changing meal prep perceptions

Our philosophy is to help you gain a greater understanding your personal nutrition and provide you with tasty, macro tracked and balanced meals!

A passion - business story in Dubai

 The founder Eliza began a simple Instagram account to share her recipes towards a healthy approach to cooking mixed with some family favourites. Born in Melbourne, Australia, her love for all cuisines saw many of her friends try out and share her healthy food recipes. The shift into meal plan came completely by chance, when Eliza’s husband John asked if she would be interested in preparing some healthy tracked meals for one of his personal training clients. Living in the UAE for almost a decade, Eliza’s love of cooking for others has been widely known amongst her friends and thanks to the awesome Dubai community… a company grew!

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Choose your plan

With 5 plans to choose from, we're sure we'll have the perfect plan to fit within your lifestyle and nutrition goals.

Make meal choices

Our menu changes every week and we never repeat the same menu! 

How do we build a menu?

1. Strong focus on taste and flavour

2. Calorie balanced - Set cals for each meal

3. Macro focused - High protein, moderate carbs and low fat.

4. Various micronutrients - we change or vegetables to make sure theres nothing missing from your diet.

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Can't decide?

Allow Eliza to choose for you. We'll make sure you get the perfect balance between taste and variety. 

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To get the best out of our plans we'll help you understand your own personal requirements and show you what this could look like as a food diary.

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Food safety is our top priority. We have developed an insulated cooler bag with custom built ice packs to ensure your meals are chilled throughout delivery. We also deliver to your selected 30 min delivery window so your meals are never left out for too long.

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All our meals have barcodes which scan the calories and macros directly into MyFitnessPal. We've also developed a unique serial number for each meal to add into the app should the barcode not scan. This serial number can be found on the menu within your delivery bag or under the barcode on each meal.


Always Fresh, high quality produce sourced from reputable companies.

We fully disclose all ingredients used, right down to the spices and seasonings.


Everything is tracked, weighed and portioned for pin point accuracy.

Along with every delivery is a full breakdown of ingredients used with weights and the full macro breakdown


Our Menu changes every week. We are constantly adding new recipes. 

A diet with a full range of food sources and variety leads to sustainability.


We have the best team of delivery drivers. They'll always be on time. Choose your own 30 min delivery slot.


Have a question? Would like support with your nutrition? Would like to discuss your goals?

We're always on hand to help.

How can we Help?

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Jetlagged Chef

Cluster L


Dubai, UAE.


+971 58 507 7524



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