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Lunch & Dinner Plan

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About Us


Our philosophy is to help you gain a greater understanding your personal nutrition and provide you with tasty, macro tracked and balanced meals! We offer a Lunch and Dinner plan, high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates and low in fat to help you reach your own individual daily requirements.

All meals are macro and calorie tracked, whilst also focusing on flavour and choosing ingredients to fuel your body. Our meals all have barcodes which we have developed to scan the nutrition directly into the MyfitnessPal app.

The concept is versatile as you can either enjoy the meals knowing they're healthy and balanced, or track your calories and add your own breakfast / snacks to reach your own personal daily requirements.

Calories of both the lunch and dinner average between 1,100 - 1,200 calories and focus on volume, lots of ingredients (6+ vegetables in a single meal) and high protein.

Our Menu changes weekly - We never repeat the same Menu, ensuring variety and providing your with all micronutrients so there's nothing missing from your diet!


Deliveries within Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are 3 times a week - Monday for 1 day, Tuesday  for 2 days and Thursday for 2 days by our own dedicated team of drivers. Just chose your 30 minute delivery window and we'll be there - We start deliveries at 4am!

Why Choose Jetlagged Chef?


Always Fresh, high quality produce sourced from reputable companies.

We fully disclose all ingredients used, right down to the spices and seasonings.


Everything is tracked, weighed and portioned for pin point accuracy.

Along with every delivery is a full breakdown of ingredients used with weights and the full macro breakdown


Our Menu changes every week. We are constantly adding new recipes. 

A diet with a full range of food sources and variety leads to sustainability.


We have the best team of delivery drivers. They'll always be on time. Choose your own 30 min delivery slot.


Have a question? Would like support with your nutrition? Would like to discuss your goals?

We're always on hand to help.

Choose your favourites

Each week you'll have 5 protein choices to make from the weekly menu.

Different Menu every week. Never Repeated!

Choose your delivery time

We start deliveries at 4am. Choose your 30 minute delivery window.

Understand your macros

We're committed to you gaining a greater understanding of your nutritional requirements.

Contact JLC

Have Questions? We're always on hand to help... Don't hesitate to reach out!

Meet The Team

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How can we help?

Tel: +971 58 507 7524

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