Please Note. There is no charge when checking out. This is only for current monthly plan customers to make thier weekly meal choices.


Lunch and Dinner Plan for 1 month

4 weeks x 5 days of Lunch and Dinners (Mon - Fri) 

Weekly Menu will be availble by the Wednesday prior to week starting.

Monthly Members Weekly Ordering 10 - 14 Oct 2022


    4 weeks of lunch and dinners

    5 days of lunch and dinners, delivered each the week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).

    The plan is designed so you can match your outside meals to reach your own target. If you would like any advice on what to have outside your meals, we are happy to guide. 
    Depending on the meat you select, your lunch and dinner will total between 1,100-1,200 calories- and this information is shared inside the bag each day. If you use my fitness pal we also have barcodes on the meals which you can scan into your account! 

    Monthly: A rate of 525 per week 
    Couples or flatmates: 500 per week (2000 per month pp)