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Optimising Results

Putting the Jetlagged Chef meal plan into practice.

Whether for Sports performance, fitness aspirations or simply to improve your lifestyle; at Jetlagged Chef, we aim to give you the knowledge to achieve your goals with proven methods of success. We'll help you put your nutrition goals together and turn it into a plan.​The base of your diet should consist of unprocessed high-quality foods (think complex carbohydrates, vegetables, grain, legume (beans, peas, lentils), nuts or seeds and meat, poultry and fish. No matter what your goal is, minimise the junk food in your diet. Junk/processed foods are usually void of nutrients and full of sugar, salt or oil (think bars, potato chips, most cereals, pizza, sauces, etc.).  ​


If you need any further guidance on your nutrition we offer a full nutritional consultation, free to anyone who signs up for one of our plans.​Variety is key on the JLC meal plan and is of high importance to us when deciding what foods we prepare meals with, or what foods to use as staples when we create a weekly plan.


Rotating sources of protein will ensure that you do not develop any intolerances / cause any upset to the digestive system and provide bioavailability (how much protein is actually absorbed).


Varying carbohydrate choices ensures a wide coverage of nutrient intake. A range of foods that make up your fat intake will provide a spectrum of Omega 3, 6 & 9 and ensure that fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K are properly absorbed. Most importantly, variety will keep your mind on track with eating for health by preventing your diet from getting boring, something we pride ourselves on!​

If you can see yourself eating like this in a years time, that'll give you the consistency you need for lasting results.​Supplements won’t help much if the basis of your diet isn’t good. Supplements should be just there to ‘supplement’ an already great diet. First focus on how many calories you are consuming, your macro- and micronutrients and food quality. If this is done, have a look at if there are still things missing in your diet and at whether you need to add in certain supplements.

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